Thinks talk is cheap. Works too hard. Earns awards. Drives progress. Captures the eyes and hearts of many humans. Sometimes with his beard. Mostly with his creativity. Very clean. 

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PRINT Regional Design Annual

National ADDY® Award Winner

Multiple District 6 ADDY® Awards

Multiple District 8 ADDY® Awards

Multiple Mid-Michigan Creative Alliance ADDY® Awards

Multiple AAF-North Dakota ADDY® Awards

Multiple Premiere Print Awards

CUNA Diamond Award Winner

Past President: AAF-North Dakota

Past President: Mid-Michigan Creative Alliance


A Third-Person Account of My Career

Jon Eslinger started DO:BETTER when the world looked a little bleak. When the thought of infusing more dreams with more “do” seemed to be the most impactful ways to stick it to “The Man.” But long before DO:BETTER was a beast of challenge and progress, Jon has always been the guy in the room asking why and deconstructing the present in favor of rebuilding something better in its place.

After graduating the top student at Bismarck State College in North Dakota, Jon was recruited by Image Printing, Inc. where he quickly earned himself a top spot working for clients like Bobcat, MGM Grand, Global Electric Motorcars, The Arena Football League and the NBA D-League, to name a few. During his time at Image, Jon’s work produced piles of district and regional ADDY® awards and even a National ADDY® Award, the first ever for the state of North Dakota. He also served as the American Advertising Federation’s (AAF) Bismarck chapter President and saw his work featured in volumes of LogoLounge and CREATIVITY Magazine. 

It didn’t take long for Jon to win a reputation for producing incredible results and he was soon drafted to the state of Michigan as the Art Director for Traction Partners, Inc., where he was responsible for brand development, creative concept development, creative direction, art direction, print and interactive design. Jon’s success continued as his work for clients like BIGGBY Coffee, General Motors, Michigan State University Athletics, and Fiat-Chrysler earned business results, more ADDY® Awards and published works in the PRINT Regional Design Annual and LogoLounge. Jon also served as the AAF’s Mid-Michigan Creative Alliance chapter President and produced two ADDY® Award shows during that time. 

Jon was then recruited to the corporate universe, first serving as the Creative Director at Lake Trust Credit Union and soon promoted to Vice President, Brand Strategy a few months later. Responsible for the $1.9 billion financial services organization’s advertising, marketing, interactive and internal communication efforts, Jon built an in-house team to nurture and grow the creative, content, digital and operational functions of the unit. During his time at the organization and through his progressive direction, the institution successfully reached the coveted millennial generation, lowering the average age of membership from 53 to 48 years in just over two years and increased total membership to nearly 170,000 members, the largest percentage of organic growth in decades.

Jon’s influence in the organization was far-reaching. He led and organized professional development events for the 400+ employees at Lake Trust, recruiting insightful speakers and inciting brand advocates inside the organization. Jon identified and led strategic initiatives for the organization, including creating one of the credit union industry’s first custom digital solutions and recruiting a digital team responsible for its development. 

Jon created the first designer pro-wrestling clothing brand, LIVE / KAYFABE, and now leads the DO:BETTER team toward deconstructed greatness. His spare time is spent playing hide ‘n’ seek with his daughter, Oona, watching documentaries, and changing people’s minds.